Three Volumes into One (#79 & 80)

Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell by Susanna Clarke

Never had the passion to read an impossibly 800+ paged book, but I took this as a challenge. I accidentally discovered this Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell book hidden under a pile of books at Booksale which has a price of 75 bucks. I read some of the reviews about this and it’s magic. It’s interesting as its cover and I took advantage of time (for studying) to read this book.

It is originally 3-volume book set and it is now fused into one book. I am already finished with the two volumes (and I count them into two separate countings for the book list this year! haha! this is no cheating!) and this book is really magic!

It is about a great magician who swore to rebuild the English Magic which was destroyed and was taken with the Raven King (which is considered the first magician — John Uskglass) to his Fairy Kingdoms — which they do not know if it really exist. This great magician is Mr. Norrell. He also had a student named Jonathan Strange. Both of them used magic in wars (they are associated with Dukes and Armies of whatever, I don’t know) and it is just awesome on how they create illusions against the French and also to defeat Napoleon Buonaparte.

It is quite a long story and I will not put it all the magic they have done here so you better read it nalang. It’s worth it.

I am on the third volume and the Raven King starts getting control of the situation of the two magician. Thrilling!

It is Susanna Clarke’s first novel and I am amused on how she wrote the book. The footnotes and made up references are just awesome — with the books of magic and books about magic. It’s like reading a real book of magic.

Bookmarks: 4/4

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