• I love books and I don’t know where to put them anymore. Most of them are under my bed.

• I still have tantrums.

• They say I have hearing difficulties but I don’t. I just don’t F care of what you talk about.

• I know how to play electric and acoustic guitar, piano, bass guitar and drums but I am not really good at it.

• I’m sorta bitch. if you do nasty things to me, just prepare yourself.

• I’m a good friend. ehem martyr.

• I act stupid all the time but for heaven’s sake, I am not. Just so you know.

• I have low blood pressure and low hemoglobin count (oh gah, I am dying. LOL)

• I still deny that I’m OC (Obsessive-Compulsive).

• My room’s always a mess and I don’t sleep there. I sleep at my parent’s room.

• I am a daddy/mommy’s girl (because I am the only daughter ok)

• I am boyish. I hate girly stuffs ok?!

• I overuse the words okey, awesome, weh?, p*tan*ina, oh Lord, OMG.

• I don’t keep diaries. I keep an online journal/blog before people know about blogging (I deleted my old blogspot – I think it’s silly to read my so-called problems when I was in high school. So mababaw pala.)

• I am OC when blogging – grammars, punctuations and capitalizations. C’mon, I edit a post 5-6 times before publishing it.

• I rarely use my cellphone. Unless it’s needed.

• I hate it when people think their awesome and all, because I am more awesome than them (haha Anti-Social much?)

That’s all.

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