#63. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire by JK Rowling

It’s Harry Potter’s fourth year at Hogwarts and before school starts, Mr. Weasley is able to have tickets for International Quidditch Cup! Ireland vs. Bulgaria for the championship (I just can’t imagine Ron drooling over Victor Krum as he enters the field, what a fan). Ireland won!

Shortly after the Quidditch game, someone put up a Dark Mark out of the sky, and the Dark Eaters came (and they are playing with the muggles). It alarmed the Ministry of Magic because it’s not a good sign.

Term started and no Quidditch events for the whole year (hear them all grunt) and they will be having a Triwizard Tournament and there will be guest from Beaubaxton and Durmstrang — two other wizarding school. Each of them will have champions as representative for their school. Students are to drop a piece of paper with their name on the goblet and only seventeen and above are allowed to join. It’s funny that Fred and George Weasley tried aging themselves but they cannot fool Dumbledore! (HAHAHA) They had a goatee afterwards and hoards of laughter filled the Great Hall. The announcement of the champions came, Fleur for Beaubaxton, Krum for Durmstrang and Cedric Diggory for Hogwarts. But somethings got out of hand, a piece of paper flew out of the goblet that has the name of… HARRY POTTER. Never in the history of the Triwizard Tournament to have a fourth champion (hence, the name of the tournament is TRI meaning three and only seventeen years old and above are allowed to join) and this caused a commotion and hatred of most of the people (even Ron) to Harry. As all we know, Harry did not put his name on the goblet, but he wondered, WHO? Even Sirius Black did not know, but he had a theory that someone wants Harry to enter the tournament so he might get killed there and will be thought as an accident (someone’s always plotting the death of the boy who lived, y’know — nothing’s new there). First task: Dragons. They have to avoid the dragon (and avoid damaging them), get past them and have the golden egg. Harry is awesome, Accio Firebolt! He used the skill where he is good at — Flying & Quidditch. Second task: Golden Egg. There is a song there and Harry have an hour to retrieve what was taken from him — RON! So he dived the lake (lucky, no giant squid) and he met Merpeople, Harry is the first to arrived. He saw 4 people – Ron, Hermione, Cho Chang and Gabrielle. They’re the victims to be rescued my the champions. Diggory and Krum arrived but Fleur did not, so Harry saved Gabrielle (Fleur’s sister). Third Task: Labyrinth. Four champions are to enter a labyrinth and at the heart of the maze, they will find the goblet. As they wander inside, they met Blast-Ended Skewts, Boggarts, Spiders, Sphinx and golden mist. Diggory and Potter met at the center and they decided to hold the cup at the same time (for the glory of Hogwarts). They felt they were transported to a place, unknown place. Too bad, Cedric Diggory was killed there. The goblet is a portkey and they were transported where Lord Voldemort and Wormtail are. There is the tombstone of Tom Riddle (Voldy’s muggle father). He saw how Voldemort reborn with the use of Harry’s blood and bones of his father.


There came the Death Eaters – Lucious Malfoy, Goyle, The Bellatrix, etc. and they are to support the Dark Lord. Voldemort and Harry had a duel, to prove who is stronger. As we all know that their wands are brothers so it had a reverse effect and all the people (or souls) that killed by Voldy got out of his wand – Bertha, an old man, Cedric and Harry’s Parents. Harry rushed to the goblet (with Cedric’s body) and transported back to Hogwarts.

The one behind all of these is Mad-eye Moody. HOW?! We know he is a great Auror. Yes, he is but he is used by… BARTY CROUCH (should I say, Barty Crouch, Jr?), a faithful servant of Lord Voldemort and a death eater. He used Polyjuice Potion and transformed himself as Mad-Eye. (I thought Karakoff is the one behind all of these! Because he is also a death eater). Dumbledore gave him a truth potion and spilled the truth – he is the one behind how Harry entered the tournament, that he managed to transport Harry to Voldemort thru the portkey (goblet) and how he managed to escaped from Azkaban. Without hesitation, Fudge and the dementors came and gave him a dementor’s kiss.  Too bad, Fudge doesn’t want to believe that VOLDEMORT IS BACK! He is so stupid and blinded by power and fame.

Now Voldemort is back, Harry, there’s one thing I want to tell you — CONSTANT VIGILANCE!

Bookmarks: 4/4

*This book is one of my favorites now and also it’s cover is the best among all the books in the series.

I forgot to mention the Yule Ball – Ron is really furious because Hermione and Krum are partners! HAHAHA! And Harry because Cedric and Cho Chang are partners too! HAHAHA!

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