September 26, 2009. A remarkable experience for me. Typhoon Ondoy hit the Philippines right on track and caused a calamity.

Before going to school, I sensed there will be a big downpour of rain and I felt lazy to go to school – since we got Neuro make-up class, I forced myself to go to school – then, around 10am, rain started to fall madly. Then we saw this:

This is our college’s quadrangle and was filled with rain water.

We are like, OMG… this is crazy. Hahaha and aside from that, St. Louise de Marillac Hall at the posterior part of the school was flooded with rain water too! Maintenance Group and Villaseran were panicking because the hall have electric sockets and machines (i.e., Xerox machines) and too bad for students who have their lockers at the hall, their things might be soaked with water.

Picture credits to Khatee Brillante.

Outside our school, EDSA and Hernandez street was like a river! Water is surrounding every side of our college building.

Around 1.30pm, Adrian, Lyndell and I decided to go home and face the strong current of the flood (WE DON’T HAVE A CHOICE AND WE DIDN’T WANT TO STAY STRANDED FOREVER AT SCHOOL).

It’s hard to walk and all soaked. But still, we are happy and funny to think that we have a picture together! HAHAHAHAH.

We faced heavy rain fall and heavy traffic.

my shoes, jacket and skirt is sooooooooo soaked!

Then this is along Zapote-Las Pinas road. We are standing along 7-11 store because we can’t walk thru the flood because it’s at the waist level (at the pamplona area).

We got home around 5-6pm.

I am now watching the news and it breaks my heart how this Ondoy killed many people.

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