#59. The Lost Symbol


I’m not a sucker for thrillers but the only thriller books that I’ve read are Dan Brown’s, from The Da Vinci Code, Angels and Demons, Digital Fortress… and now, the new published book The Lost Symbol.

As I open the book…This phrase greeted me.

“The secret is how to die”

The Harvard Professor and symbologist Robert Langdon was summoned by his friend and mentor, Peter Solomon at the U.S Capitol. Knowing that he is to give a lecture regarding Freemasonry discussions to the tourist at the US Capitol Rotunda, but things did not turn the way he is expecting… He entered the game of that lunatic madman. Who is this madman? He is Mal’akh. One of the Mason brothers. But he aimed only one thing, to possess the secret of the Masons, The Lost Word, the knowledge behind the Ancient Mysteries that will give human such wisdom and apotheosis. He would do anything to have it tatooed in his own flesh.

Dan Brown did not failed me. This is beyond what I expected. Breath-taking scenes (God, I HATE MAL’AKH), the twists and shocking revelations of Robert Langdon and Solomon family. And take note, the symbols, sciences and places mentioned in the book are facts and true.

Bookmark: 4/4

This is the Apotheosis of Washington. It is located at the ceiling of US Capitol’s Rotunda wherein shows that George Washington, one of the forefathers of Freemasonry transformed from man to god (thus referred to the term apotheosis). Mal’akh misunderstood the secret of the Freemasons and thought of literal transformation of man to god. No wonder he failed (oppps! spoiler alert).

I want to end this review now, I don’t want to spoil the people who haven’t read the book.

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