#58. Matilda

I’ve been reading most of Roald Dahl’s book this year and the list continues (imagine how many titles Dahl wrote!) and my cousin, Dani, lent me her copy.

Matilda by Roald Dahl

This is about a humorous story about children and stupid parents (I CAN EXPLAIN! HAHA). Matilda is one awesome  and a gifted kid that belongs to unimaginatice, stupid, self-centered parents. At the age of 4 and a half, she can speak fluently, she can read and she knows mathematics (computing mentally! oh c’mon) and with her being genious, her stupid parents barely or didn’t even notice her abilities. Her parents hates reading. They prefer children watching the telly (Television) rather than studying or reading (sounds cool, but entirely stupid to me). They always ignore or humiliate Matilda. She always have plan how to get back to them (she stick glue on her father’s hat or died his hair silver! HAHA).

Then she goes to school and she met Ms. Honey, a sweet loving teacher who became dumbfounded about the intelligence of this young kid. She also met Ms. Trunchbull (their headmaster at school), an unknown form of being that scares and throws children out of the window (she’s extremely brutal and massively hates children). Matilda found out that Ms. Trunchbull is Ms. Honey’s aunt and she lost all her property because of her. With her help, they are able to get back Ms. Honey’s property and made Ms. Trunchbull disappear forever in their town. And by the way, at the end, Matilda let her family lived in Spain and she lived with Ms. Honey.

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2 thoughts on “#58. Matilda

  1. freelanceallison on said:

    Have you read The Witches yet? That I remember as being one of my favorites by him when I was a child and read it for the first time! :)

  2. Yep! I already read The Witches. I liked it because when I was young, I heard of witches and I became afraid of them.
    He’s also my favorite!

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