#55. Absolute Boyfriend,Volume 2

Zettai Kareshi (Absolute Boyfriend), Volume #2 by Yuu Watase

Megan, my friend, who is a manga buyer and manga collection lent me this manga. I’ve been hooked with the story because I CAN RELATE (well, sort of). As a girl, we dream to have a perfect boyfriend who will always with us, love us and care for us.

This is the same with Riiku, a 17 year old high school student, who is NBSB.  Whenever she liked a guy, she got dumped (just like Ishizeki did to her). She’s been dreaming to have a boyfriend, errr… A PERFECT IDEAL BOYFRIEND. then she stumbled on a website wherein she purchased accidentally a human doll (she thought it is just a doll, nothing more) and then, it is true that it functions as a human and as a boyfriend! She named him Night (because he is from the night series) and he always get naked easily. AHAHA. Night also go to school along with Riiku and Soshi. In this volume, her best friend Mika will show her true colors and she wants Night for herself! Soshi, Riiku’s neighbor and classmate, had shown his feelings for Riiku and Night’s jealous (or rather did not know what he is feeling). So kilig!

Bookmarks: 4/4

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