#54. James and the Giant Peach

James and the Giant Peach

Author: Roald Dahl

Edition: Movie tie-in edition, My cousin Dani’s copy (mooched from UK)

James’ life has been perfect  until a tragic accident happened to his parents, they were shallow by a rhinoceros in the midst of throng at the zoo (can you imagine it? Well, I don’t. It’s far way too nasty for me to think). He have no choice but two live with his two evil aunts named Aunt Sponge and Aunt Spike. Don’t ask me what they look like for you cannot handle nor imagine it. It’s a nightmare, kid. These two hideous aunts slaved little Henry to do difficult household chores. Then one day, a man gave Henry a small paperbag containing small green sort-of dust. He said, it is magical. He must not let it touch with other things, be it soil, insect, tree, fruit or whatever. and UNFORTUNATELY, he spilled it to the ground. No matter how much he grasp them in his hand, it disappears! Too bad for him. Then the next day, his two ugly-fugly aunts saw something odd, something peculiar, something unusual on the tree near their house. (I should shout how idiot they are that it is a peach, ok? haha) and then they realized that the peach tree who never bore any fruit nor flower since the day it is planted, now it has a peach and it grows bigger… and bigger… and bigger… and bigger… and bigger… oh my, will it stop?!… and bigger… and bigger… until it reach the soil! Oh boy, see how big it is! It now have the biggest peach on the face of the planet. Then, Aunt Sponge and Aunt Spike thought of something… something greedy, something nasty. They will sell tickets to people who wants to see the magnificent peach! See how many people will come and how many money will come. See how greedy Henry’s aunts are!

After that, one night, Henry came to see the peach and saw a tunnel going inside it and he deicided to take a look. but then, he was suprised to the creatures he saw! OH LORD, he thought it was his time to go to heaven. He saw life-size centipede, grasshopper, spider, silkworm, earthworm, and ladybird! But good thing that they are good creatures. And then they started the quest by letting the peach roll over the hill (which accidentally killed the two ugly aunts) and went to the city and went to the sea. They met sharks, seagulls and cloudmans. and then to America and became known. Henry will never be sad again for he had friends who always wanted to see the peach (well, the seed, which is located now at the park in New York).

Bookmark: Totally Loved it.

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