Tra-la-la-la is my magical spell

The month of August is coming! OMG. ZOMGGGG. That means… IT IS MY BIRTH MONTH! Hooray! Hooray! Hooray! Well, I am not all that happy to know that I am turning 20 this year. Oh c’mon, I don’t feel like aging. HOHO. I don’t like the idea of aging either. Anyway, I like to say that I want to receive books, lots of books. No, TONS OF BOOKS! for my birthday! haha. HOOOOOOOOOOOOORAY! haha. Ambitious much? Nah. Not really, I’d rather receive books than anything else (money is an exception!).

In addition, I WANT A COMPLETE HARRY POTTER BOOK SET. Oh please! Oh please! Oh!

Credit: LINK

Just like this one! ZOMGGGGG. I am not really a Harry Potter fan but I did watch all the movies, because I wasn’t allowed to read HP series before because mom does not like witchcraft. The story goes on. Anyway, i am still eager to read the series. I will save money for this. *hides wallet*

I am not really expecting much because nobody likes to give me anything (drama much!) on my birthday and I know that this thing is pricey. Yeah, I don’t have a clue how much these books are anyway. I hope and pray.

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