Wingardium Leviosa!

I finished reading Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone while I am at Makati Med yesterday. Waiting for my mom at the reception room (because she was undergoing endoscopy at that time and it took soo many hours). I was reading Harry Potter book 1. Actually, I felt embarrassed holding and reading it. I WAS LIKE THE ONLY AND THE LAST PERSON WHO HAD READ THE BOOK. We all know that the series ended, a new movie is coming soon. I am outdated. Laos. Bulok. But anyway, I don’t care. I read the book. I finished the book while waiting. See? Endoscopy really did took that long.

JK Rowling is a good EXCELLENT writer. She never made me put the book down. I really dug my nose with that book. She really plotted the story nicely. The way she narrate the story is not difficult to understand and it is not really just for kids to enjoy, but also adults. That’s the reason why people are so interested with Harry.

Oh. I started Book 1 so… I have to complete them. :)

I was afraid to show my mom the book. SHE HATES WITCHCRAFT AND WIZARDRY. Yeah, I know. because God says it is a sin. I am not really here to say religious stuff but IT IS TRUE. but, I am reading this for fun. It is not like I am turning myself into a Witch or a Wizard. Right? People tend to overreact on some situation and I have to explain myself. Then, I just did. hehe.

Okey. Though I watched all Harry Potter movies, I didn’t understand much the story (uhhh. just like LOTR). I never thought that Hermione is that annoying compared to the movie. SHE IS REALLY ANNOYING and KNOW-IT-ALL. and, OLIVER WOOD. HE WAS MY ULTIMATE CRUSH BEFORE. ._. *hides* and after reading the book, I just understand now that Voldemort didn’t have any body. He shared body with Prof. Quirrel and that thing confused me while watching the movie before. Now I know. So stupid of me. *pokes head* Sorreh. Heh Heh.

and the story thrilled me. Looking forward for book 2 (though I watched it na.)

I will find way to buy book two or borrow from someone. but I want to have my own copy. D: hays.

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