HMMMMMM. I will be talking about BOOKS here again! Sorry! I really love books. hehe. CAN’THELPIT.

I went to school this afternoon because we were scheduled for throat swab. Quest was waiting for me again. I am late 30 minutes. HAHA. SORRY! :D After the throat swab, we (Quest, Racelyn, Adrian, Hanna and I) went to SM Mall of Asia to spend some time. We went to Booksale and I bought CAPTAIN UNDERPANTS #3 AND A JRR TOLKIEN BOOK (not in the pictures but i think it is cool because it is 1969 cover!! HOORAY FOR THAT!) :)

Then we (Quest, Racelyn, Kimberly and I – Kimberly just showed up at Booksale -_-) went to meet my friend Elaine (who was waiting at the Heritage Hotel – we have to meet because I have to give her my The Immortality by Milan Kundera). We went to Book Warehouse and HOORAY, i bought books AGAIN. Alright, I’ll do a little rant here, I really don’t like having Kimberly around (with her wearing a long-sleeved turtleneck and a jacket ~ GOOD LORD, IT’S HOT OUT THERE AND SHE’S WEARING THAT?! I was like… AGGGH SHIT) because she wasn’t even invited to go (though Racelyn did) and keeps on blabbing Anne Rice, Anne Rice, Anne Rice, Anne Rice, Anne Rice, Anne Rice, Anne Rice, Anne Rice, Anne Rice, Anne Rice, Anne Rice, Anne Rice. OH FOR THE NTH TIME, CAN’T SHE JUST STOP?! I KNOW ANNE RICE, WE KNOW ANNE RICE. NO POINT TO TELLING US THE NAME FOR A MILLION TIMES.

Kindda dami ba? :)

YAY! My halukay of books and boxes is worth it! I’ve complete LOTR books!

Another Captain Underpants found at Booksale! I have to look for #1 and #6 part 2 na lang! WOOOO~ I bought this book along with a book from JRR Tolkien (about dragons, etc)

YEEEH XXD Kimberly wants Roald Dahl pala and she keeps on asking if there other Dahl books there, ”Kung meron man, AKIN ‘YON.”, I told her! HAH! When she saw this book, she just told me that she have this book. WHOOOO CARES?! I HAVE MORE ROALD DAHL THAN YOU. REMEMBEEEEEEEEEEEER THAT! >.<

The book I’ve been looking for (with that kind of cover!) This is the book I really wanted to read. WEE~ Go Dan Brown!

And I found this peculiar book and it is a little sketch book! COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!! I still don’t know what will I do with it but I WILL KEEP IT. I thought this book is something curse (Elaine said!) or something written with an invisible ink (Quest said!) but it is just a sketch book. FUNNEH SILA NOOOOH. TAE. haha.

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3 thoughts on “BOOOOOOOOOOOOKS!

  1. maria agnostika on said:

    you fool!you shall perish in hell for bringing her along! ten thousand karma will go back to yooooooooo!!!!hahahahaa!
    bute nga sayo.hahaha!

  2. PAKSHIT! NKKAINGGIT…huhuuuhuhuhuhuh.. promise me we are going to that warehouse…any free time we havre…YOU and me? ok…………..kainis ang dami mu nbli! langya kumpleto mu pa LOTR series!!!!grrrrhhhHH hmmp!

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