HOORAY FOR ANGELS AND DEMONS! malapit na siyang ipalabas! syempre one of my favorite books ung Angels and Demons ni Dan Brown and it’s way better than the The Da Vinci Code.

BTW, there’s a promo in cooperation with National Bookstore yata, giving FREE books yata ng Angels and Demons. TOO BAD I HAD ONE ALREADY. and IT’S OLD! di pa nga nababalik ni stip eh. haha.

SANA MAGANDA YUNG MOVIE. I don’t want to be disappointed like what i felt nung napanood ko ung The Da Vinci Code, which is hindi ko na tinapos kasi FAIL talaga. HEH HEH.

pati STAR TREK. Actually di ako mahilig sa mga inter-galactica outer space universe thingy. kaya lang ako manonood nun kasi andun si ZACHARY QUINTO (Sylar/Gabriel Gray in Heroes) and Chris Pine (i am not sure if I spelled his name right). and there’s a promo din! kaso til May 10 na lang ata to ~may free collectible if you watch the movie in SM Cinemas within May 9&10. :)


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